I was introduced to Arbonne in 2018 by a friend who was looking at the business opportunity for herself. She brought it to my attention as I was beginning nutrition school. At the same time my mother’s health was starting to decline as she was diagnosed with vascular dementia. When I began my research into this disease I discovered the possible causes such as genetics, environmental toxins, nutrition and every day products we use. Think processed and packaged foods, make up, soaps, lotions, toothpaste and pretty much anything we use on a daily basis. We don’t even think about what ingredients or chemicals are in them.

Arbonne’s claim of their products being pure, safe and beneficial intrigued me but I was a bit skeptical. Companies use words like organic, vegan and plant-based as buzz word marketing so why would Arbonne be any different. I trusted this came into my life at a time when it was needed so I tried several of their products. I investigated the ingredients and I couldn’t find anything that was suspect. I started to feel the difference its products were having on my body and my skin. Even my mother enjoyed the products so I shifted her household to safer products where I could.

At an age when companies and corporations are continuing their record of irresponsibility, Arbonne is doing the opposite and being transparent. Their commitment to the environment has aligned with my own values. They continue to look at ways to innovate and be socially responsible. Our planet is at a critical juncture environmentally and it starts with the individual. We have to use the power of our dollar to support companies that have the public’s interest of being healthy in mind. We owe it to ourselves to be conscious of the products we put in and on our bodies.


I share these products with everyone because I’m committed to seeing people take their health into their hands and take back the power to choose.

Visit my Arbonne store to discover wonderful products that can make a difference in your life. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and want to know more.

With love,