The Integrating.Natural.Knowledge Health Coaching Program

Do you feel disconnected in your life?

Have you been feeling stuck in your life?

What part of your life feels like it could use a shift?

What victories do you want to celebrate?

The I.N.K.’s 6-month health coaching program will guide you in discovering these answers for yourself. You will begin connecting to who you know yourself to be, the true spirit who came to this planet purposefully. Life will start to feel fresh and renewed again, sparking the creativity to achieve your greatest desires and dreams. And we’ll have some fun along the way, celebrating all victories over the past. This program empowers you to make lasting changes to your well-being.

What You Get:

  • 2 45-minute in-person coaching sessions a month (*virtual if necessary)

  • Email Accessibility for any questions/concerns/guidance

  • Handouts (self-care, goal setting, dietary theories) and giveaways (recipes, books, food samples)

  • 3 integration sessions (pantry makeover, supermarket tour, cooking class, fitness)

I believe in the power of becoming aware of who we are in this world. My awareness began when I was 22 years old and saw the impact of holding resentment for my father. The only person being affected by this held emotion was me. As soon as I became aware, took responsibility for it and let go, my life opened up to the possibility of creating a new way of being in relationship with self. Being conscious of ourselves is the key to a healthier lifestyle and a change that will bring forth your greatest self. Are you open to being your best self in a world filled with love, empowerment and healing?

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